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1. Ownership of Website

These terms and conditions are relevant to the entirety of Mero hospital website and app, which can be accessed at https://merohospital.com/, and all of its linked subsidiaries and affiliates around the world. This website and its resources belong to and are the property of Mero Hospital and its holders. Hereby, using this website subjects you to agree to all of these terms and conditions. Mero Hospital reserves and has the rights to, at its own discretion and will, to modify portions of these terms and conditions at any time. Modification of portions may include but not limited to creation of new terms, deletion or changes to the existing conditions. Therefore, it is your responsibility to carefully check the terms and conditions periodically. As long as you comply with the presented terms and conditions, Mero Hospital grants you a non-exclusive, personal albeit limited privilege to enter and use its services.

2. Regarding website content

All the text, graphics, images, visual interfaces, photographs, logos, trademark, music, artwork and code displayed on the website is the intrinsic property of Mero Hospital. This also includes the design, structure, and arrangement of all the aforementioned content on the website itself. Such content is owned, or licensed by or to Mero Hospital, protected by the Copyright Law, Patent Law, and Trademark Laws.

If otherwise explicitly mentioned here, the content available on the website is not to be reproduced, copied, duplicated, translated, transmitted, displayed, mirrored, uploaded or distributed by anybody unaffiliated with Mero Hospital or the associated licenses without Mero Hospital’s approval or the licensee’s consent.

You may be allowed to use certain information available on Mero Hospital’s services, which includes this website purposely made available by our developers team for downloading and sharing purposes, provided that you will not (1) modify the provided information in any way, (2) use the information for personal, non-commercial informational purpose which includes the use of such information in any other media, and (3) present any given information as it is without any representations or elaborations of the information.

3. Usage of site

The website or any of its portions is not to be manually or digitally through algorithms, programs or methodologies copied, accessed, monitored or mined for information if not previously permitted by Mero Hospital. The reproduction of the website is also barred and only Mero Hospital reserves the right to make any of the website’s materials, information or documents available. You are not to extract any unauthorized portions or a feature of the website, including its connected services, systems, or content. You are not permitted to check or test website vulnerabilities, conduct tests on the website itself or all the connected services or networks. You may not try to crack or breach securities, or use authentication measures in order to trace or reverse check the information to find its sources for your own account or any other customer. You may not perform any tasks that might lead to massive proportions or loads of data into the infrastructure to funnel into the website or any of its connected services. You may not forge identifiers to interfere with the inner workings of the system, which includes transactions, flow of information, personal or official, and identify the origin of such inner workings. You can only use the website as yourself and are not allowed to pretend to be another individual or organization without said individual or organization’s consent.

4. Accounts

Many features of the Mero Hospital website are accessible only when an account has been created on the website itself. An individual can be registered as a patient or as a doctor in order to operate the website. Setting up an account on the Mero Hospital website is free, and requires an individual’s title which will reveal gender information, name, contact number and their valid email address. Registering as a doctor will be required to provide their NMC number. The information you provide during this process will be your sole responsibility to preserve. When logging in, you will only be required to prove your email address and password which you chose during the account creation process. If you fail to secure this information and an unauthorized individual or organization has access to it, and might use that to abuse your rights, you agree to contact our customer department.

If you fail to inform Mero Hospital about such behavior, and detects discrepancies, Mero Hospital may restrict your account. You are not to use an account that is not yours without the proper consent of the owner of that account. Mero Hospital cannot and will not have the ability to circumvent any damage that was caused because of your failure to keep your account in check.

Further information regarding privacy can be accessed over at Mero Hospital’s Privacy Policy.

5. Other sites or connected services

The website may contain independent links to independent third-party websites that are not under the supervision of Mero Hospital. These connections may be there for website functionality or user convenience, and are not necessarily under Mero Hospital’s control. As such, Mero Hospital does not endorse any action you perform on these external links on your own, and you should be aware of the terms of use of such websites.

6. Disclaimers

Mero Hospital is not responsible for occasional site content errors, failure of service, interruptions, and defects or that your usage of the site will always yield expected results. The content is only provided when available and any such errors are corrected by Mero Hospital when it notices it. Mero Hospital cannot be held accountable for all the data you download from the website. Any download that you perform that may lead to destructive behavior on your behalf will not be Mero Hospital’s fault, and you are solely responsible for what you do with its content. Mero Hospital does not infringe on any laws on the website and your infringement of content may not be tolerable by the respective content holder.

Mero Hospital can modify, suspend, delete or terminate any operation on its websites at will and it can reject access to its site. Mero Hospital can put its website under maintenance at will. None of this will be notified to you. The disclaimer serves to mitigate any complaints regarding performance, errors, deletion or delay in its operations. Mero Hospital will ensure proper functionality when it can and you agree to tolerate such discrepancies.

7. Limitations

Mero Hospital will not be responsible for any indirect or incidental damages regarding losses on your end where the law prohibits it. If any damage has been caused to you during usage of its website, you agree that Mero Hospital is not to be held responsible for such an incident.

8. Indemnity

You are to hold Mero Hospital, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and other subsidiaries harmless from demands or liability claims caused by other parties because of loss caused by your connection with the website.

Violation of terms and conditions

Mero Hospital may disclose your information it has, which can include your identity if it deems it necessary. Mero Hospital will only draw this conclusion if it has conducted a thorough investigation that can stem from complaints regarding abuse you did on the website and its content, any illegal activity you conduct, if you inquire with an individual or organization that tries to harm or breach Mero Hospital’s rights or property, any visitor’s right or property and users of the website. Mero Hospital has the rights to disclose information regarding you at all times, provided there is sufficient legal jurisdiction. Provided there is a legal reason, Mero Hospital may also pursue legal action when it finds you not complying with law, regulations and legal processes or at the government’s request.

You acknowledge and agree that Mero Hospital preserves any communication you do with Mero Hospital through its website and its services. If Mero Hospital has to comply with certain law, legal process, enforce terms and conditions, respond to claims from third parties, or to protect the rights of its users and visitors, officers, employees and the public, and you have involvement with such activity, you will be held accountable for any unlawful actions you commit.

You acknowledge and agree that Mero Hospital may, at any time, terminate your access to its website if it deems necessary. Mero Hospital may also block your account, deny any service to you or pursue legal action against you if it finds you violating any of the terms and conditions presented here. You agree that if you violate these terms and conditions, which can lead to Mero Hospital taking damage, which can include monetary damages, you will be held accountable and may find Mero Hospital pursuing legal action against you. When your account is blocked, you are prohibited from using any of Mero Hospital’s services in the future unless Mero Hospital unblocks access to your account. This does not include technical issues, which will be solved by Mero Hospital under a certain period of time. If your account does get blocked without any prior malpractice performed by you, you are to contact us in which case, Mero Hospital will solve the technical issue and restore your account privileges. If malpractice was involved, you will be held accountable.

If, in case there is no damage caused to Mero Hospital, monetary or otherwise, because of your unlawful actions, and Mero Hospital does not pursue legal action against you, you may still be required to compensate Mero Hospital and it is entitled to recover from you. If there are other individuals harmed because of your actions, they may pursue legal action against you.

You agree that all the disputes and legal scenarios will be governed by the laws of Nepal and you are to be responsible for any damage you take financially because of it.

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