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How Mero hospital collects, utilizes and shares personal information belonging to the users of its website is governed by the privacy policies presented here. This privacy policy also governs how Mero hospital handles your personal information when you interact with it on website and we strongly encourages you to go through all of these policies before interacting with it. By accessing this website, you understand and agree that transmissions are not always private or secure. You acknowledge that any information on the website and its connected services may be read by others and it also applies to certain encrypted information.

1. Personal Information

Mero hospital supports privacy rights and these rights are fundamentally as a part of the website during consultations, account creation and they may be different depending on where you live. The data will identify you and your device’s name, location or further information such as birth dates, gender, email address, contact number and payment information. All of this is categorized under personal information.

Mero hospital acknowledges privacy rights, concerns and respects your ability to know, access, correct, transfer, restrict the processing of, or delete your personal information. The privacy rights provided by Mero hospital are fully given to you in order to exercise and you have the right to be treated without any discrimination from other users. Mero hospital does not sell any personal information to third parties. However, any information you have provided to connected services such as payment handlers like ESewa or Khalti are under their jurisdiction are not under Mero hospital’s supervision. Mero hospital encourages you to be knowledgeable on the policies of respective third parties.

There can be certain scenarios where you will not be allowed modifications to your personal information which includes transaction data. Mero hospital will not modify or delete your transaction history on its end in order to comply with law. If you request deletion or modification of transactions you have made, Mero hospital may conduct legal investigation in order to preserve its legitimacy, legal and moral usage of data, which includes anti-fraud and security measures. Similarly, any requests that may hinder the privacy of others or requests that are not warranted will also be denied.

2. Collected Personal Information

Only data’s that Mero hospital needs in order to access the usage of our site or apps are collected from you. The personal information may vary depending on how you interact with our system. When you create an account on Mero hospital, personal information includes:

• Credential information:

As a patient, your title, first name, last name and phone number are required in order to be registered as a Mero hospital user. In order to be registered as a doctor, an additional NMC number is also required and it must be approved by Nepal Medical Council under the act of Parliament of Nepal. The platform through which you have created your email address will have its own policies that Mero hospital is not in control of.

• Device information:

Your device will be connected to the internet during account creation. Your device’s IP address, serial number and location may also be within Mero hospital’s reach. Only this information is required for account creation on our end and unless notified, though this information is not used after the account creation process.

• Personal Information Outside of Mero hospital:

You may not always be the sole user of Mero hospital’s website. External websites such as social media sites, promotions given to you by other individuals and organizations may provide it to Mero hospital and other personal information. When Mero hospital receives such information, it may use that as statistical data in order to better its services, products, security and fraud-prevention. Your personal information on such websites is handled by the websites themselves we are not concern on this matter. In case we acquire such data, it does so in accordance with applicable laws and jurisdictions for datasets that might include images.

3. Usage of Personal Information

Mero hospital uses your personal information only when needed and it is not sold or distributed to other platforms and programs. That information is used to process transactions, communicate with you through your contact information and account creation that allows you to use Mero hospital’s functionalities. Your personal information is also only used within legal boundaries and won’t employ any algorithms that can profile patterns which may manipulate you into decision making. When it comes to modifications of your personal information it will be accessed and examine based on the validity of your request.

These policies may change over time and are effective immediately when posted on the website.

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