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Why School Heallth Nurse

A registered nurse who practices in school and leads the delivery of school heal services.

School Heallth Nurse

I authorize Mero Hospital representative to contact me. I understand that this will override the DND status on my mobile number.


  • Promotion of positive health.
  • Prevention of diseases.
  • Early diagnosis, treatment, & follow-up regularly.
  • Awakening health consciousness among children.
  • Provision of a healthful school environment.

Our school-based services:

  • Multi-disciplinary and trained nurses are located at school premises.
  • Serve enrolled students & families.
  • Backed by a medical team.
  • yearly 3 health camps.

Patient Testimonials

Rakshya Malohtra


23 Jul 2021

I have severe joint pain for a long time and went to many different hospitals. But I got final treatment at Mero Hospital. Now I am living with my regular lifestyle. Thanks to Mero Hospital.

Kamla Thapa


23 Jul 2021

I was suffering from skin pigmentation for a long time but finally, I got final treatment at Mero Hospital and I m satisfied with the services. Thanks to mero hospital.

Kamal Adhikari


23 Jul 2021

I had sudden palpitation and high blood pressure in the meantime I was alone at home, then I called to Mero Hospital team who has reponed me so fast and in 10 Min they came with the medical team and did all my screening and supportive treatment Now I am stable with regular medication. Thanks to Mero Hospital...

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