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Why Elder Care Home

Elder Care often becomes necessary when the elder starts experiencing difficulty with activities of daily living, both independently and safely. Daily activities may include cleaning, cooking, dressing, bathing, driving, taking medicines, etc. Elder Care is mostly needed when there is a gradual decline of an elder’s health with growing age, but it may also arise in emergency cases. For example, an elder one in your family is recovering from a broken joint or recently had a heart stroke and is still going through the cognitive and physical aftereffects. The type of elder care that is ideal for a person is majorly dependent upon the type and severity of health conditions he/she suffers from, and the challenges experienced as a result.

Elder Care Home

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What Is Elder Care?

Eldercare, also referred to as senior care, is a special care service designed to meet the varied needs and requirements of senior citizens. Eldercare is a vast field and includes varied services like assisted living, nursing care, adult daycare, and home care. Although old age itself is no reason to consider Eldercare, it is the varied physical disabilities and diseases that lead a person to contemplate availing of elder care services. A large number of senior citizens still live with their family and their care is jointly undertaken by family members. However, in today’s situation, there are cases when most family members work and are unable to give proper attention and care to their ailing seniors and as such seek reliable and efficient eldercare programs.

Eldercare is specialized care that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of senior citizens at various stages of life. It’s a broad term that encompasses everything from assisted living and nursing care to home care and hospice care. It is a comprehensive and unique preventive/therapeutic solution for the senior population of the country.

Some of The Common Reasons People Seek Elder Care Includes:


Numerous health problems may arise as people age and they are not able to perform many of the daily activities they once could. Their body may become more rigid, more fragile, and less resilient. Physical impairments related to particular diseases can also come in. Sometimes elders don’t report a physical impairment, hence it is important to get a complete physical examination on a regular basis.


With growing age, some cognitive problems can be expected. But severe cognitive problems can impair the ability of elders to live safely and independently. They can cause memory issues, difficulty in understanding or speaking language, difficulty regulating emotions, or difficulty in making judgments. Progressive and severe dementia can cause safety concerns and should be taken seriously.


Feeling of loneliness or unimportance, inability to do things that they once enjoyed, fighting a long illness can cause elders to experience emotional problems. The elders may become irritable, socially awkward, or may even have suicidal thoughts. Close observation and support are needed in such cases.

Patient Testimonials

Rakshya Malohtra


23 Jul 2021

I have severe joint pain for a long time and went to many different hospitals. But I got final treatment at Mero Hospital. Now I am living with my regular lifestyle. Thanks to Mero Hospital.

Kamla Thapa


23 Jul 2021

I was suffering from skin pigmentation for a long time but finally, I got final treatment at Mero Hospital and I m satisfied with the services. Thanks to mero hospital.

Kamal Adhikari


23 Jul 2021

I had sudden palpitation and high blood pressure in the meantime I was alone at home, then I called to Mero Hospital team who has reponed me so fast and in 10 Min they came with the medical team and did all my screening and supportive treatment Now I am stable with regular medication. Thanks to Mero Hospital...

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