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Why Doctor Consultation

Every once in a while, you’re bound to need to consult with a doctor for general health check-ups, seasonal fever, acute diseases, chronic illness, and more. In many situations, we are physically weak and prefer to stay at home and even a visit to a doctor seems an uphill task. If given an option we would rather prefer a doctor to give us a visit, rather than we have to visit him personally.

Doctor Consultation

I authorize Mero Hospital representative to contact me. I understand that this will override the DND status on my mobile number.

How Can We Help?

Our doctors work from home, ‘Your home’. They assess, diagnose and treat you depending on your need. Our general physicians have years of experience in the medical field and will treat you with patience and compassion.

Benefits Of In – Home Doctor Service:

With the presence of a highly busy lifestyle in today’s life in-home doctor service is increasingly becoming the norm of the day. Not only does the doctor-on-call service saves time it is also convenient to do the booking online. Find doctors near me or doctors on call through Portea and let them pay you a visit at the comfort of your home. A few of the benefits of doctor visits at home are as follows”

  • The first benefit of doctor visit at home that instantly comes to mind is the availability of quality medical care in the comfort of your home.
  • The home doctor gives more personal medical care to the patient and is far more compassionate towards the patient.
  • Research has found out that a patient tends to recover sooner in familiar surroundings than in a hospital.
  • Not all illness needs hospitalization but owing to lack of support at home, patients inadvertently end up at nursing homes and hospitals for medical care. It is in those cases that the home visit doctor proves to be highly beneficial, as they can easily provide medical attention at home.

Home visit doctors are a boon for old people, as they are the ones who need medical attention the most and are also the one who has the most difficulty in traveling.

Patient Testimonials

Rakshya Malohtra


23 Jul 2021

I have severe joint pain for a long time and went to many different hospitals. But I got final treatment at Mero Hospital. Now I am living with my regular lifestyle. Thanks to Mero Hospital.

Kamla Thapa


23 Jul 2021

I was suffering from skin pigmentation for a long time but finally, I got final treatment at Mero Hospital and I m satisfied with the services. Thanks to mero hospital.

Kamal Adhikari


23 Jul 2021

I had sudden palpitation and high blood pressure in the meantime I was alone at home, then I called to Mero Hospital team who has reponed me so fast and in 10 Min they came with the medical team and did all my screening and supportive treatment Now I am stable with regular medication. Thanks to Mero Hospital...

FAQs For Doctor Consultation

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