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Why Medical Cab

Medical Transportation is lifesaving and an effective means of transport service provided to the people who are in need of medical attention, in both emergency and non-emergency situations. In emergency medical transportation, the vehicle will be equipped with all the required life support and other equipment that can keep the patient’s condition under control until reaching the hospital. Medical Transportation has evolved constantly and became a vital aspect of the healthcare services industry. While most people are aware of Emergency Medical Transport, very few know about the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services which are also called as Non-Emergency Patient Transportation. This article will help you in understanding the various services.

Medical Cab

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WHY DO MEDICAID, PAYERS COVER Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services (NEMT)?

Transportation is a core social determinant of health or factor that impacts patient health that is not linked with disease burden or genetic makeup. The social determinants of health account for about 40 percent of patient health, according to a 2017 AHA report, meaning that supporting patient transportation can have a serious impact on patient wellness.

The AHA report noted that 3.6 million individuals – regardless of payer status – do not access medical care because they do not have transportation to appointments. Four percent of children miss medical appointments for that same reason. Additionally, transportation barriers serve as the third leading cause of missing a medical appointment.


As noted, NEMT has been a core Medicaid benefit since the program’s birth. However, this benefit can look different from state to state due to Medicaid’s program flexibility.

Prior authorization agreements, for example, can differ across the country.

“Many states require coverage of transportation services to be preauthorized before the beneficiaries receive transportation,” CMS explained in its guidebook.

“States preauthorize transportation in a variety of ways,” the agency continued. “For example, one State may expect a physician to authorize the need for beneficiary transportation, another State may only want to know that the beneficiary’s location drop-off was to a medical appointment, while a third State may expect the medical facility to phone in the medical transportation request before providing services.”

Patient Testimonials

Rakshya Malohtra


23 Jul 2021

I have severe joint pain for a long time and went to many different hospitals. But I got final treatment at Mero Hospital. Now I am living with my regular lifestyle. Thanks to Mero Hospital.

Kamla Thapa


23 Jul 2021

I was suffering from skin pigmentation for a long time but finally, I got final treatment at Mero Hospital and I m satisfied with the services. Thanks to mero hospital.

Kamal Adhikari


23 Jul 2021

I had sudden palpitation and high blood pressure in the meantime I was alone at home, then I called to Mero Hospital team who has reponed me so fast and in 10 Min they came with the medical team and did all my screening and supportive treatment Now I am stable with regular medication. Thanks to Mero Hospital...

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